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Empowered Relief Terms of Use

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Updated 2021

  • The Empowered ReliefTM materials may not be redistributed to others or made available to colleagues or for general public access (e.g., no forwarding of the slides or the manual to colleagues; no web postings of proprietary content allowed).
  • Only certified instructors may deliver the Empowered ReliefTM program.
  • Certified instructors may not train other clinicians or individuals in the Empowered ReliefTM program.
  • Certified instructors may deliver Empowered ReliefTM within healthcare organizations, to the public, or in private clinics.
  • Stanford University must pre-approve Empowered ReliefTM integration into private digital health companies that deliver digital (online) interventions to patients or the public. For example, if a company wishes to include Empowered ReliefTM in a digital treatment portfolio that will be marketed to clinics, healthcare organizations, or payors, prior approval from Stanford University is required, and Stanford University reserves the right to deny use of Empowered ReliefTM.
  • Training and certification must be received by the Empowered ReliefTM training team through Stanford University or through a Stanford approved and licensed certification workshop vendor.
  • The Empowered ReliefTM program must be delivered in its full form: it is a single-session class, all PowerPoint slides and the accompanying manualized text must be delivered verbally by the certified instructor over the course of the approximately 2-hour class timeframe.
  • The Empowered ReliefTM program content may not be altered in any way, including partial delivery of materials.
  • It is assumed that clinicians will practice within the scope of their license and Stanford University and Empowered ReliefTM assumes no liability.
  • The Empowered ReliefTM slide deck branding must be retained and visible in all class presentations and promotional materials.
  • Certified instructors may add institutional branding to all materials while retaining Empowered ReliefTM branding: (e.g., “Kaiser Permanente presents Empowered ReliefTM”).
  • Online delivery of Empowered Relief is permissible for live delivery only. All other terms of use apply for online delivery. Recordings are not permissible.
  • All research publications that report on the use or results from Empowered ReliefTM must include full attribution as follows:  Empowered ReliefTM by Beth Darnall ©2013-2022 Stanford University
  • Visit for updated Terms of Use.